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The Best 4th of July Fashion Accessories to Show Your Patriotism

Posted on 08 March 2021 Michelle Hoang

 tie dye 4th of July fashion mask

Everyone knows that Independance Day means stars, stripes, and a whole lot of red, white, and blue. But when it comes to 4th of July fashion, it can be tricky to figure out how to bring it all together to create your best patriotic look. Read on, because we’re going to show you how to find the best patriotic accessories to create your own fashion fireworks!

Top off Your Look with a Hat

American flag trucker hat

American Flag Women’s Trucker Hats ($22.95)

From classic baseball caps to women’s trucker hats, there’s nothing more American than these universally flattering and casual accessories. To really capture the all-American look, seek out styles with patriotic colors and materials, like denim construction and red, white, and blue color themes. Bonus points for embroidered flags or patriotic catchphrases!

A brimmed hat is a fashionable addition to your holiday plans, including laid-back backyard BBQs and all-day parties by the pool. When fitted properly, baseball hats and trucker caps will protect your face from the sun’s burning rays, all while making a stylish 4th of July fashion statement.

Take it a step further with state pride hats, and show off your love for your country and state.

Bag Up the Holiday Essentials

red white and blue knit bag

Turquoise Pom Pom Tote Bag ($49.95)

Adding a bag to your collection of patriotic accessories is a clever and slightly unexpected way to play on the head-to-toe American pride look. Just keep in mind, quality bags are an investment that you can use day after day, so it’s best to look for a bag you can use outside of the holiday too. A cute tote with subtle red and blue coloring is sure to do the trick. Of course, if you love to express your love for your country year-round, you can look for flag or American-themed bags too!

At the end of the day, choosing the right bag for your 4th of July fashion depends on what you have planned. For this mid-summer holiday, keeping things light and casual is the best way to go. For example, if you’re heading to the beach, look for totes that are durable and can hold up against everything the shore can throw at them. Blazing sun, sand, and spilled sunscreen are no match for a tote constructed from sturdy, spill-proof material like canvas or straw. Look for a roomy interior that will hold everything you need to get you through the all-day festivities, including towels, sunscreen, snacks, and celebratory drinks.

All-American Beachwear

blue and white sheer stripe swimsuit cover up

Navy and White Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover Ups ($24.95)

From poolside to seaside, nothing says summerwear more than a full-blown beach outfit. Of course, you’ll eventually want to transition from the water to more land-bound activities. That’s why it’s essential to have trusty swimsuit cover ups on hand to complete your 4th of July fashion look. Our favorite way to incorporate coverups into your patriotic outfit is by looking for pieces that subtly nod to the red white and blue theme, like a flowy blue shibori strip style or a white coverup with red and blue trim.

Don’t forget to finish off your beach ensemble with some well-placed patriotic accessories. A pair of flip-flops in red, white, or blue (or all three) is a classic and comfortable choice for beachy footwear. But if you’re really looking to turn up the volume, a pair of lightweight cork wedge heels are sure to do the trick!

Complete Your Independence Day Look With Jewelry

No matter the occasion, the key to accessorizing any ensemble is to add some cute jewelry to make the rest of your outfit pop. When looking for jewelry for your 4th of July fashion, a subtle nod to the holiday is perfect.

Look for pieces you can love every day of the year. We recommend some dainty gold star dangle earrings that glow like fireworks or a red and blue beaded necklace. When it comes to jewelry, you can mix and match your look to create endless forms of self-expression.

Celebrate with Styles Designed in the USA

No matter what patriotic accessories you choose, it’s important that you combine them into a look that’s all your own. Have fun with it, and enjoy the laid back vibes of the summer season.

For an easy shopping experience, check out our Political collection for all your Independence Day fashion needs. Looking for more tips and guides to nailing your OOTD? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all of the latest Katydid happenings and advice straight to your inbox!

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