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Plaid Blanket Scarf Scarves (Gray, Blue, Pink)

$ 16.95


Plaid Gray Blanket Scarf (Gray, Blue, Pink)

Our plaid blue, pink, and gray blanket scarf is ready for the job of protecting you against the elements with a huge 55” width that can wrap your entire upper body in cozy comfort. Made from 100% soft acrylic materials, this blanket scarf will hold its shape and colors, resist wrinkling and shrinkage, have the appearance of wool without the scratchiness, and can be machine washed with your regular loads. Blanket scarves are super fashionable and one of the hottest trends of the season every woman will love.

Transition From Fall to Spring

Scarves are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. Wear them while you’re huddling around a fall campfire, when winter is blasting you with blizzards, and when the mornings are still frosted over in early spring. The plaid blue, pink, and gray blanket scarf is a beautiful and appropriate color pallet for the winter season. Get with the current fashions and grab one for yourself and a friend or family member.

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