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  • Beach Please Tote or Beach Bag
  • Beach Please Tote or Beach Bag


Beach Please Tote or Beach Bag

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A Neon Tote Bag to Complete Your Laid Back Outfit

The ultimate accessory for women who like to bum around beaches all summer, our cute neon tote bag features colorful block letters, bright trim, and tassels in bold colors everyone will notice! Now you just need a fun swimsuit cover up to match.

  • designed in the USA by Katydid
  • handmade in India
  • shoulder strap embellished with an oversized tassel
  • 21" x 12"

Eye-Catching and Practical

Our “Beach Please” canvas tote has bright tassels, as well as a message in neon teal, red, yellow, orange, and pink. Each of the bold colors alternate in the block letter message for a pretty pattern that will make your neon tote bag easy to spot, no matter how far out in the water you go. This colorful beach tote will become your go-to for every summer adventure. The accenting on the beige canvas strap and sides comes in a darker blue, which pairs perfectly with the warmer neon tones in the rest of the stitching. Fill your oversized bag with beach towels, snacks, water, and sunblock.

Bring on the Beach

Ready to bring on the beach this season? This neon tote bag is one of our most popular cute beach bags here at Katydid. If you’re ready to hit the water, make sure you grab some of our quick-drying beach towels and at least one of our trendy swimsuit cover ups to store in your new tote before heading out on the sand. We also have other fun accessories you can put in your bag, including wristlets and luggage tags. Get fast shipping throughout the US and Canada, and enjoy your summer getaway!

Beige Canvas

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