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  • Isolate & Chill Women's Trucker Hat -


Isolate & Chill Women's Trucker Hat

$ 22.95


Get The Best Women’s Truck Hats

Social distancing keeps us six feet away from others, but you can still show people how to deal with quarantine with this “Isolate & Chill” trucker cap. Wear it when you’re shopping for essentials, while you’re at work, and when you're getting some exercise and fresh air outside. Katydid offers the best women’s trucker hats with the trendiest catchphrases for what is happening in our world today. A little sass on your trucker hat lets everyone know you’re conquering quarantine!

Making Memories

Even though our women’s trucker hats are made to look worn, they are made from the best quality materials for a cap that will last throughout your roughest outdoor activities. When the pandemic passes, this trucker hat will always be a reminder of a period in our lives where we banned together to isolate and stop the spread of coronavirus. The more we separate ourselves, the faster we can get back to partying together!

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  • Designed by Katydid
  • Trucker caps are embroidered and have curved bill
  • Distressed cap gives it a worn look
  • Adjustable tab with mesh back
  • 80% cotton and 20% polyester
  • One size fits most



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