• KN95 Masks - Set of 10 - $27.50 (PRE-ORDER; SHIPS OUT APRIL 2-3) - Katydid.com
  • KN95 Masks - Set of 10 - $29.95 (PRE-ORDER; SHIPS OUT BETWEEN APRIL 8-12)


KN95 Masks - Set of 10 - $29.95 (PRE-ORDER; SHIPS OUT BETWEEN APRIL 8-12)

$ 29.95


  • First batch sold out.  Next batch will arrive and be shipped immediately out between April 8-12  from Dallas, TX! Prices have increased from $27.50 to $29.95 as of 3/30/2020 due to increases in international shipping rates.

  • KN95 class protective breathing mask manufactured from a multi-layer design made to filter harmful substances including dust and bacteria. The KN95 Masks are 95% effective and are typically used to prevent influenza (flu-strains) and virus infection.

    The tested ventilation design allows for men, women, kids, and seniors to breath normal through the ventilation of the masks. The masks are easy to wear and comfortable for all which makes breathing easier and cooler as the masks do not rub you face and typically makeup can be worn while wear the masks.

    • KN95 Masks
    • Set of 10 in sealed poly bag (not individually wrapped)
    • Limited Supply
    • Easy to Use
    • Effective Prevention
    • Normal breathing
    • Adjustable Nose Bridge for better sealing

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