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Plaid Blanket Scarf Scarves (Purple, Mint)

$ 16.95


Plaid Purple Blanket Scarf (Purple, Mint)

A purple blanket scarf is the perfect addition to your fall or winter wardrobe! Measuring 55”, this scarf can completely wrap around your neck or torso and envelop you in soft comfort. Made from 100% soft acrylic fabric, this scarf is wool-like in appearance, will hold its shape, is resistant to wrinkles, and dries quickly for those wintery days when it’s snowing. You can easily machine wash this scarf and it will hold its brilliant colors without special treatment. Young adults and seasoned fashionistas alike love the flexibility of styles you can achieve with our mint and purple blanket scarf.

Trendy New Plaid Colors

This year, we decided to mix it up with complementing purple and mint plaid. There’s no reason to look like you're dressed for Christmas all season when cold weather can last well into spring. Our mint and purple blanket scarf will keep you warm and stylish while reminding you of the springtime violets, hyacinths, and bluebell flowers that will soon be popping up. Our blanket scarves are also available in other multi-colored plaids.

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