Beach Towels

Colorful Beach Towels to Spice Up Your Beach Trip

Whether you’re going to the beach or the pool, colorful beach towels can make your trip so much more exciting. Towels are more than just a functional accessory, they’re a way to add flair to your beach outfits and look cute no matter what you’re doing at the beach. Trendy towels are a great way to show off your attitude and look great while doing it.

Towels for Everyone

With our thick round beach towels, you’ll always look trendy while you’re at the beach or the pool. The towels are easy to use and give you plenty of space to lounge on after you get out of the water. You can find trendy prints and patterns for your round beach towels at

Round beach towels are popular because they give you plenty of space for relaxing. They’re also great because they look splashy and they’re easy to match with different beach outfits. When you shop the Katydid towel collection, you’ll get affordable and colorful beach towels that are perfect for any beach trip.

Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for cute accessories doesn’t have to be hard. At Katydid, you can try different things and get beautiful accessories at a low price and with an easy-to-understand shopping process. Find what you’re looking for, and have it shipped right to your front door! Our shipping processes are straightforward and efficient. When you’re shopping for thick round beach towels, do it easily online with

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