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Limited time offer, get FREE shipping on orders over $50! Select option at checkout.


Fuzzy Slip-On Slippers

Slide your feet into fuzzy slip-on slippers when you’re hanging out at the house, hosting a sleepover for the kiddos, or enjoying a girls’ night in with your best friends. Give your feet warmth, softness, and support with vibrant boutique slippers from Katydid. Discover an array of different designs that will show off your personality in an instant. As you shop for cute fall and winter clothes, remember to check out our loungewear and robes, as well. You’ll need some PJs to go with your cute new slippers!

Slip into Cozy Comfort

Give your feet the comfort they deserve with fuzzy slip-on slippers from Katydid. Pick out smiley face designs to show off your good mood. Revel in your love of leopard print with chic slippers that are as soft as a cloud. How about a pair with a cool color palette? Shop our selection of trendy accessories to make your off-duty hours more relaxing. Your feet deserve to be pampered, too!

Have a Slumber Party with Katydid

Why not be as fashionable after dark as you are during the day? Stylish comfies are as essential as fashionable ensembles for the day-to-day. We have plenty of apparel that will go with your slippers, such as our robes and pajamas. A pair of our boutique slippers will pair perfectly with our cute loungewear sets. Throw a sleepover with a few of your besties, and see who has the trendiest sleepwear. You know it’ll be you since you’re a Katydid kind of girl!

Choose the perfect pair of fuzzy slip-on slippers to keep your feet warm and cozy. All of our pieces are designed in America, so you can enjoy your favorites for years to come. Plus, get fast shipping from Texas, no matter where in the US or Canada you live!

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