Limited time offer, get FREE shipping on orders over $50! Select option at checkout.

Limited time offer, get FREE shipping on orders over $50! Select option at checkout.

Shipping Policy

We get it. You want your items fast when you shop online. We do our very best to lower shipping times and get your order to you such that you can thoroughly enjoy them. At Katydid, we spend time focusing on the best shipping methods and work to get your items to you in the shortest possible time frame!


The cost of shipping your items will vary depending on what you ordered and where you are in relation to our central Dallas warehouse. Shipping may only be a few dollars or it may be slightly higher because of your location. Due to size, bigger orders may have a slightly increased expense to ship. We do our best to keep costs low and have made a commitment to keeping shipping rates as low as possible.


** Please note, we are having an influx of orders due to the Pandemic and our current shipping time from the time your place an order to when it leaves our warehouse can be anywhere from 1-3 business days. 

Also, please note that many customers confuse First Class Mail or Priority Mail as being an expedited option once it leaves our warehouse,  but that is incorrect.  First Class Mail and Priority Mail are NOT expedited options and are taking much longer than normal to deliver via United States Postal Service. 

If you would like for the item to arrive to you quicker once it leaves our warehouse, the best choice is UPS Ground (3-4 days once leaves warehouse), UPS Next Day Air (1-2 days once leaves warehouse) or 2nd Day Air (2-3 days once leaves warehouse).

As outlined above, our shipping process is extremely streamlined. For that reason, we ship items the same day your order is received, in most cases. While we don’t ship on weekends or holidays, we will ship your products the next business day!


You have options when it comes to shipping. You can choose our regular shipping option, which is the default, and still get your products quickly. We also offer expedited and next day shipping.


We ship to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Canada is the only international location we are able to ship to at this time. However, we may add more international destinations in the future!

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