• Hola Beaches Quick Dry Beach Towels
  • Hola Beaches Quick Dry Beach Towels


Hola Beaches Quick Dry Beach Towels

$ 24.99


"Hola Beaches" Quick Dry Beach Towels

Our “Hola Beaches” quick dry beach towels are super lightweight and made from microfiber material that wicks away moisture so it evaporates quickly. It’s time to say goodbye to your bulky, heavy beach towel and say hello to the latest trend in beach accessories! These towels are a large 63” x 31”, but they roll up into a compact size that fits right into its matching carry bag. Save space in your beach tote and get the full coverage you need to stay off the sand while tanning on the beach. The “Hola Beaches” quick dry beach towels are also sand-free, so you can easily shake off the beach sand when you want to dry off.

Cute Catch Phrases Compliment Any Vacay

The additional matching carry bag wraps them up in a neat package as gifts for birthdays, road trips, graduations, party favors, and more. Quick-dry towels are perfect for the beach, pool, lake, river, and any swimming hole you visit. Pair these quick-dry towels with Katydid’s other summer accessories, like sun hats, tumblers, swimsuit cover-ups, and beach totes to complete your vacation ensemble. Grab our other versions with different catch phrases and give them as gifts to your vacation pals. “Hola Beaches” is just one of the many trendy catch phrases we offer in quick-dry beach towels.



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