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  • Pastel Flowers Hands Free Key Chain
  • Pastel Flowers Hands Free Key Chain
  • Pastel Flowers Hands Free Key Chain


Pastel Flowers Hands Free Key Chain

$ 9.95


What a crazy world we’re living in. We have so many ways to keep us safe and healthy in the midst of this, but we’re always searching for more. That’s why we at Katydid created this stylish hands-free door opener keychain.

A door opener keychain is a unique way to go about your everyday life without having to touch germ-infested surfaces that could potentially make you sick. Plus, the cute floral print makes it a must-have!

  • Keychain for hands-free & germ-free outings
  • Use yours to pull doors, carry grocery bags, touch buttons and pin pads and checkout, and more
  • Sold separately in 12 popular prints
  • Made of thick and durable acrylic

The Cutest Hands-Free Door Opener Keychain

We thought that, if we had to go around in fabric or N95 masks, we might as well have some stylish accessories! We absolutely adore our pastel flower hands-free door opener keychain. This dainty little design will brighten up any errand. The tool itself allows you to safely go about your day without having to touch anything. You can open doors, flush toilets, carry bags, and so much more - all with this one accessory!

Add to Your Quarantine Collection

Contactless keychains are the next big thing in the world of quarantine fashion, so get yours today! And don’t forget to shop all of our comfortable women’s clothing right here at Katydid!



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