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2 Summerwear Options Trending this Season!

Posted on 06 March 2017 Michelle Hoang

2 Summerwear Options Trending this Season!

Agreed, winter season has its pros with giving you the chance to layer it. From long jackets and overcoats to hoodies and cardigans, winter dressing has its fair share of creative options. However, summertime fashion is a lot more liberal…or so it seems. However, it can get too predictable or casual to the extent that it makes you invisible in the room. No matter how much we love winter clothes, we are passionately driven towards summer clothing that is comfortable but does not compromise on style. New summer collections are already underway and it seems that like every year, summer fashionwear for women is getting more structured, regaining some of its lost elegance. We are not going to preach clothes that should be a part of your summer wardrobe. We obviously love body con dresses and trucker T-shirts, but the emphasis in this discussion is going to be on summer clothing options that don't make you look messy.

If you are still confused about which wardrobe essentials should be retained in your summertime closet and which must-haves will get a new definition this season, you are headed in the right direction—we will be discussing the latest from the niche of weekend clothing to workplace wear and laidback apparels that have that typically breezy, summery aura!


Rethink Casual Tees for Summer


Yes, you heard it right! What could be more casual yet fashionable than weekend T-shirts that declare your lifestyle choices, announce your opinions or highlight your attitude? This is the new way, the trending way to do summertime T-shirts. Our latest weekend clothing collection has some really cool tees that flaunt quotes like Slay all day, Rose all day, or Red wine made me do it. Each of these is designed with one concept – regular Ts are boring. Even those in bright, neon shades become almost unnoticeable in a few days. You need summer tees that are creatively oriented. These taglines should reflect your persona. In some way, they profile you but then they also get you noticed!


Be Fashionably Incorrect this Summer with Trucker Hats


Whether you like low-profile trucker hats or those that come in camouflage prints, there is plenty to choose from. Further, most trucker hats can be worn with a wide array of clothes, to contrast or complement the overall color combination. If you are looking out for a summer accessory which is not too clingy and does not take way the attention from your clothes then casual hats are the best options. Trucker hats inspired by the 70s and 80s continue to be worn regularly by A-list celebrities and red carpet personalities but for some reason many women are apprehensive about trying them. You can break the monotony of any summer wardrobe with such cool accessories!

We are putting back the glam in summer clothing without cutting back on the comfort bit. We realize the need for soft fabrics to keep you sweat-free and be relevant for an active lifestyle. We continue to groom our collection with more fabric choices, promise of easy fit and smart features like snap closures, including clothes with retro inspirations…each with a bit of attitude!

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