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A Guide to buying Women short sleeve shirts

Posted on 13 June 2017 Michelle Hoang

A Guide to buying Women short sleeve shirts

Women's fashion has such a great variety of choices in all types of clothing, and the T-shirts are no different. There is a style available for every occasion. There are t-shirts for professional settings, a night out, exercising or just something casual to wear around the house.

No matter what style they are, T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for most women. T-shirts are either cotton or cotton blend, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear and very easy to take care of. There are so many variations in T-shirt styles that every person will find it easy to find a type of T-shirt that is both flattering and fits their personal style.This classic item of clothing is most surely in every woman's closet or dresser drawer and is usually worn for casual events with jeans. There is a reason that the phrase "jeans and T-shirt" flows so readily from our fashion vocabulary; it is the easiest, most affordable and comfortable combination for women to put on and still look fantastic.

T-shirts for women

A traditional T-shirt has shorter sleeves that fall about halfway down the wearer's upper arm. 


Short Sleeve


The short sleeve is the most common and traditional type of T-shirt sleeves among women. It covers about half of a person's upper arm, but this can vary slightly. This is a universally flattering sleeve that most women wear casually on a regular basis. The Short Sleeve shirts for women can be seen with a regular, boxy T-shirt, but this type of sleeve is also used with more fitted shirts.


The Short sleeve covers the top of the shoulder but then does not extend around and under the arm. The shape of the cap can be puffy and exaggerated, giving the T-shirt a very feminine look. While women with broad shoulders may feel that this style emphasizes their shoulders' width, other women appreciate the slim fit and comfort of T-shirts with Short sleeves.


T-shirts are kind of similar to tank tops. This style leaves the shoulders bare and has straps over the shoulders. These straps can vary from thin to almost covering the entire top of the shoulder. These tops are best for warm weather or for layering with other T-shirts. Other types of women's T-Shirts are often worn alone and can be plain or printed.

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