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Cute College Outfits & Accessories: A Back to School College Style Guide

Posted on 18 June 2024 Michelle Hoang

A woman wearing a cute college outfit and holding a pink puffer tote bag

Going back to college can be super hectic. In between the long afternoon study sessions, cramming for exams, going out with friends, and taking part in events, most students often neglect their attire. However, having the right wardrobe is essential for keeping up with your busy schedule, feeling comfortable, and making a lasting impression no matter where you are. In this guide, we’re sharing some of our best tips for cute college outfits and college accessories so you can dress well for every occasion!

The Classroom

Classroom attire should be comfortable and easy to wear. For the warmer months, this means choosing lightweight and breathable pieces like women’s graphic tees, crop tops, shorts, jeans, leggings, skirts, and flowy dresses. During the colder months, you can opt for fleece sweatshirts and hoodies, sweatpants, cardigans, knit sweaters, and jackets that you can layer over your T-shirts and thermals. This makes it easy to adapt to changing temperatures.

To complete your cute college outfits for the classroom, you will need some essential accessories. Invest in several pairs of women’s trucker hats! They go well with all casual outfits, look stylish, keep those bad hair days in check, and protect you from the sun! 

A woman holding a pink tumbler with a zipper pouch

Staying hydrated is important, so don’t forget a high-quality stainless steel tumbler cup. Maximize its functionality with a tumbler pouch that can conveniently hold small items, like your phone and credit cards!

A woman carrying a green oversized hobo bag

Most importantly, you need a sturdy and trendy tote bag that can fit all your college essentials, from books and stationery to your tablet and snacks. If you’re very fashion-savvy, you can get a tote in every color to spice up your outfits!

Dorm Room Fashion

Cute college outfits for the dorm should be all about comfort and relaxation. You want to move effortlessly and look stylish at the same time, so opt for matching loungewear sets paired with a cozy hoodie or oversized sweater. For summer, choose shorts and breezy tops in lightweight materials, such as cotton and linen.

For college accessories for the dorm, have your stylish stainless steel tumbler cups or insulated can cooler handy to keep your beverages hot or cold for those late-night study sessions—and match them to your cute college outfits. Don’t forget to stay comfy while you sleep with a cute oversized blanket

Woman wearing slippers with white and blue checks

To keep your feet cozy all season long, you’ll also need a few pairs of women’s fuzzy slippers. Choose ones with cute designs like red hearts or strawberries on them to add a touch of playfulness to your dorm look.

Casual Hangouts

Whether you’re going out for brunch with your friends, for a beer night, or simply exploring the town, you’ll want to be wearing cute college outfits that stand out. For casual daytime fun, opt for boyfriend jeans or shorts and graphic tees in the summer and sweaters or jackets in the winter. During the transitional seasons, opt for layers like cardigans and denim jackets that you can easily take off. For date nights or parties, you can never go wrong with a little black dress!

A woman wearing a pink belt bag with a bow print

Complete these looks with college accessories such as trucker hats, hands-free and super cute belt bags, and clutches or wristlets. For fun days at the beach, get a cute beach towel and a beach bag, as well.

Formal Events

College isn’t all study sessions and fun nights out. You’ll also take part in many networking events and job interviews—formal occasions where you’ll want to look a bit more polished and put together. Choose an outfit with a bit more elegance such as pencil skirts, tailored trousers, long-sleeve button-down shirts, blouses, and a good quality tailored blazer.

For accessories, you’ll need a pair of formal shoes and a stylish bag.

Shop Cute College Accessories at Katydid

A woman wearing a black and gray trucker hat featuring a happy face

Going back to college for a new year or after a break is so fun and exciting. Make it a stylish comeback by shopping for boutique accessories from Katydid to complete your cute college outfits. We have a wide range of products in vibrant prints and colors to help you express yourself and feel confident. 

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