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Top 4 Wardrobe Essentials to Help You Transition Into Fall

Posted on 23 June 2021

woman wearing jeans and plaid wrap cardigan standing outside by a fence

From your favorite pair of jeans to ultra-comfy short-sleeve t-shirts, wardrobe essentials make staying fashion-forward effortless. They're classic, easy to pair, and super cute. Ideally, these are your most versatile pieces, which means you can wear them anywhere, anytime. This is important as you move from season to season, as it allows you to rock your go-tos during those periods of transition. As the weather cools down, and you reluctantly put away your swimsuits, you’re going to need a trendy collection of summer-to-fall transition outfits. Luckily, we have four recommendations that are must-haves this year (and for years to come).

Comfy Cardigans

woman wearing sherpa wrap cardigan and wide-brimmed hat standing in front of a red brick wall

Collect body wraps in a variety of colors and styles to mix and match with your other wardrobe essentials. We recommend timeless plaid or funky tie dye pieces to add some personality to your outfit. 

Lightweight body wrap cardigans are ideal for cooler summer nights, especially at the beach or during camping trips when you’ve been out in the warm sun all day. As the weather changes, swap out your maxi skirts and crop tops, and pair your cardigans with jeans and leggings to create adorable summer-to-fall transition outfits. For added warmth, pull your ensemble together with a beanie hat.

The Power of Pullovers

woman in a leopard print pullover and wide-brimmed hat standing in front of a red brick wall

Similar to wraps, light-weight pullovers look amazing with distressed shorts and tank tops. As you dress for backyard BBQs and beach bonfires, put together fierce ensembles with leopard print pullovers, complete with luxurious sherpa material. This neutral pattern is so easy to pair with anything in your closet. Just add sandals and a casual cross-body bag!

If you’re heading out to get those snaps of changing leaves this fall, a pullover with a 3/4 zipper will keep you warm from that midday breeze. Of course, when paired with knee-high boots or sneakers and trucker hats, they’re also perfect for tailgating and football games! For a more low-key look, choose a pullover in one of the season’s most popular colors, such as blue, purple, peach, or even tan. 

Vests for Layering

woman in jeans and a blue quilted vest

The ultimate layering piece, vests make it easy to build summer-to-fall transition outfits. They don’t add a lot of bulk, but they do look cute over long-sleeve tees. Perfect for apple picking and pumpkin patches! Opt for a solid-colored vest with a sherpa lining, and leave it open for a casual aesthetic (and to show off the fun phrase on the tee). Finish the look with ankle booties, another wardrobe essential! 

For a more put-together look, choose a structured vest that zips up, and layer it over a blouse. Match the tops with a pair of slacks, add a large blanket scarf, and you’re ready for the office or a more business-casual event. 

Light-Weight Jackets

woman in leopard print puffer jacket and sunglasses

As you build your collection of wardrobe essentials, don’t forget traditional jackets! Fall brings chilly mornings and nights. A thinner puffer jacket will keep you warm and looking great, no matter what the day brings. These are chicer than bulky winter coats, and you could easily wear short-sleeve tops under them. When the day warms up, simply take off the jacket.

Make your jacket a statement piece. Balance out bold patterns with solid-colored items for an eye-catching pop. High-waist jeans in a complementary wash and a pair of heels or pull-on sneakers will complete the look.

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