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Pro Tips for Women's Stylis Hats

Posted on 13 December 2016 Michelle Hoang

Pro Tips for Women's Stylis Hats

Talking about art and fashion, there is special place that the hats have made for themselves. Hats are one of the most common yet important pieces from the wardrobe which are not just a stylish and fashionable but also serve a protective purpose. The history of wearing hats dates back to around 3000 B.C. They were used as protective sheaths in the Egyptian times and as a status symbol in the Victorian era. Even today, it is used as a status symbol in most European nations.

However, coming to more informal terms with this accessorized wardrobe goodie, hats make an anytime fashion wear in almost all nations. Hats are available in all types of material, style and sizes. Hats can be practical, fun or fashionable.

Hats for women:

It is an undeniable fact that women have a knack of carrying any type of clothing flawlessly well. Now keeping that in mind, Katydid designs women’s hats in the most sophisticated and fun patterns. You can find an array of hats meant for women in this range. This collection of hats includes tucker hats, baseball hats, glitter tucker hats, etc. in various shades and designs. These are available in the most contrasting and vivid hues you may come across. Katydid is the one stop shop to purchasing women’s hats.

Construction of hats in Katydid:

The hats for women at Katydid are made up of authentic material and are durable. These are great at withstanding harsh physical conditions such as heat and moisture. They are provided with metal clasps which help in adjusting and tightening the fit of the cap accordingly. The baseball caps are embroidered and have a curved bill. They are made up of 100% cotton and come in sizes that fit all.

How to Care for Hats:

Hats can be cared for easily to make them look beautiful and new for long.

  • Keep them away from places prone to dust and mites
  • Leather hats can be brushed with a brisk brusher to get rid of accumulated dirt and dust.
  • In case of fabric or canvas hats, it is best to wash them with mild soap to keep them looking as good as new.
  • To ensure that they don’t lose their shape, store them in a dry and clean place.

Hairstyles and Experiments to go with Women’s Hats:

Women’s hats are designed keeping in mind the material used, because women are very particular about their hair. Using hats regularly protects your hair from the harsh sun but it is majorly important that the material used in their construction is equally good. The best thing about women baseball hats is that they can be well experimented with in styling your look in different ways.

  • You can try a side-ponytail and swipe all your hair on one side and leave a few locks here and there to give a very boho look
  • You can try extensions or glitters on your hair strands on side extending up to the very end and make your look stylish and sexy
  • Try an all open hair look with the baseball hats. This is simple and sophisticated and never fails to impress
  • A pigtail or two on the same side or opposites give a very sporty look and make you look like the girl-next-door. Try it out and team it with shorts or denims with a loose-fitted tee or polo to rock the season in style


Offers by Katydid

Katydid is one of the largest online shopping stores for women, men and kid’s apparel. We offer a range of products which is made up of authentic material and is classic and fun to wear. All of these are available at affordable prices, a range of them are available on sale with discounts and exciting offers for you to pick from. We ensure that we have something for everyone which you will love and cherish for long.

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