• Baseball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer
  • Baseball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer
  • Baseball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer


Baseball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer

$ 9.95


In our ever-changing world, it’s important to have all the latest and greatest safety tools. Health is the number one priority nowadays - as it should be! Here at Katydid, we’ve created this trendy baseball-themed keychain touch tool to help keep you and your family safe during this pandemic.

Just add it to your daily go-tos, like fabric face masks or bottles of hand sanitizer. This new trend is a home run!

  • Touch less and stay germ-free in public
  • Open doors and carry bags using the hook end while you touch buttons and press pin pads with the blunt end
  • Shop all 12 patterns
  • Enjoy yours for years to come thanks to the durable acrylic

The Keychain Touch Tool Everyone Needs

Everyone needs to go out in public at some point in all of this, so we might as well do it safely. This baseball keychain is adorable! Not only will it protect you from touching germs, but it’ll also look so cute with one of our women’s trucker hats!

The cool thing about this product is that everyone can use it, even the kiddos. Moreover, our popular keychain touch tool is made out of tough and thick acrylic, so it will last throughout your many uses, including opening doors or flushing toilets.

Keep It Close

You’ll want to keep this upcoming fashion trend close. We think you’ll use it every day! And in the meantime, browse the best fashion online right here at Katydid. Shop now and get fast shipping anywhere in the US and Canada!



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