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  • Pink Marble Hands Free Key Chain
  • Pink Marble Hands Free Key Chain
  • Pink Marble Hands Free Key Chain


Pink Marble Hands Free Key Chain

$ 9.95


In this crazy time, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your loved ones! With a cool, germ-free tool from Katydid, you can stay safer from viruses and more. This pink keychain door pull is a game-changer in this post-quarantine world. Great for assisting you when you’re out and about, this popular tool is convenient and portable!

  • Hands-free keychain that allows you to touch public surfaces safely
  • Grab it to carry bags, open doors, touch pin pads, and more.
  • Small and hassle-free
  • These are made out of thick and durable acrylic, so they can be sanitized for regular use
  • Gorgeous pink marble design, with many others to choose from. Collect them all!

The Most Popular Germ-Free Tool

A hands-free keychain is the perfect addition to any keyring. It’ll easily become just another must-have as you head out the door. Along with your fabric face mask, you’ll be good to go to conquer the day without having to worry about germs! Just imagine what the world would be like if we all used a germ-free tool everyday… We could beat this virus!

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Whether you’re looking for comfy quarantine apparel to COVID-related accessories to women’s trucker hats, Katydid has you covered! Shop this incredible germ-free tool and more to stay on-trend and in style. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media!



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