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  • Red Ikat Pattern Hands Free Key Chain
  • Red Ikat Pattern Hands Free Key Chain
  • Red Ikat Pattern Hands Free Key Chain


Red Ikat Pattern Hands Free Key Chain

$ 9.95


Need something extra to go along with your hand sanitizer and face masks? Katydid has you covered. Your newest addition to your safety-first collection has to be this ikat no-contact door opener. This little accessory is absolutely worth taking with you whenever you’re going out in public, because it will do all the hard work for you!

  • Perfect for keeping you hands-free & germ-free
  • Can be used to pull/push doors, carry bags full of essentials, touch screens and keypads
  • Offered in 12 stylish patterns
  • Made out of thick acrylic that will outlast the pandemic

Don’t Forget Your No-Contact Door Opener!

Mask? Check. Gloves? Check. Hands-free keychains? No? Oh, well then you absolutely need this one. With it, you can have your very own, portable door pull. As a keychain, it’s super easy to take with you and use anywhere. You can even use our no-contact door opener to flush toilets!

We love this one for its cute red ikat pattern design! Now you can be safe and stylish! Plus, this keychain is made of thick and durable acrylic, so it will last you until all of this is over!

We’ll Get Through This

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