• Softball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer
  • Softball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer
  • Softball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer


Softball Hands Free Key Chain | Stocking Stuffer

$ 9.95


In this crazy world, staying safe is more important than ever. Katydid has your back with our trendy no-touch keychain. The softball theme brings some fun and personality to this important tool. It’s the perfect accessory for all you sports fans and athletes out there! And who said safety couldn’t be stylish?

  • Remain hands-free & germ-free in public
  • Use it to open doors, carry bags, touch buttons and pin pads, and flush toilets
  • Designed using thick and durable acrylic

A No-Touch Keychain With Style and Protection

A door opener keychain is a game-changer in this COVID-19 world. With this popular tool, your skin never has to come in contact with germ-infested surfaces when you’re in public places. It’s also great for more than just opening doors. Our no-touch keychain can help you carry those essential groceries, punch in your debt info at checkouts, and even flush toilets. You will absolutely find countless uses for this little accessory. Plus, as a keychain, it is small, discreet, and cute!

No Touch, No Problem

Avoiding touch is one of the many ways you can protect yourself in the midst of virus season. But, don’t forget to check out Katydid’s collection of face masks for ultimate protection! Sign up for our newsletter today to receive great promotions, restock alerts, discounts, and new product updates. Order your stylish no-touch keychain, and get super fast shipping throughout the US and Canada!



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