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Four Must-Have Cute Winter Jacket Styles

Posted on 22 December 2020

woman wearing a cute winter jacket and holding a hot chocolate

Winter is here, and all too often, functional clothing takes center stage. Well, we at Katydid believe that your winter capsule wardrobe can be both practical and fashion-forward. It’s time to grab a few new cozy coats to rock the season in style! These cute winter jackets are some of our top picks to keep you warm and looking fab. Pick your fave in neutral, winter color schemes, or go for a pop of bright color to make the seasons bright!

Sherpa Dreams

black sherpa winter jacket

Sherpa Full Zip Jacket for Women ($39.95)

When you see Sherpa outerwear, you can just imagine the sheer warmth and fuzzy softness against your skin. Stylish sherpa boutique coats are perfect for running errands, embarking on weekend adventures, attending winter sporting events, and much more. Go with a piece that is completely covered in this luxurious material, or keep it subdued with only trim and inside linings.

Wraps & Ponchos to Get Out of Bed For

sherpa body wrap in brown

Sherpa Body Wrap/Cardigan for Women Hoodie ($39.95)

Women’s ponchos and wraps are like wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket. They give you all of the comfort you love about winter clothing, yet with the fashion of a runway model. These cute winter jackets have no need for any kind of zipper, buttons, or belts. You simply throw it on, and you're ready to go to the mall for some holiday shopping or to brunch with the girls. Pair your jacket with boutique scarves, and hit the road for some winter wonderland fun.

Minimalist, Hidden-Button Boutique Coats

teddy hidden button jacket

Teddy Sherpa Jacket or Coat w/Pockets ($48.95)

Buttons can make a great accent to cute winter jackets, but hiding them is a new fad that’s popular this year. It gives your coat a sleek appearance that really highlights the cut and fit, which is perfect for those holiday gatherings when you want to really look put together. Hidden pockets continue the style. This fashion is meant to showcase the material of the coat, and it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a no-fuss, minimalist look. A set of matching gloves, a beanie hat, and an infinity scarf will complete the ensemble.

Enjoy a Blast From the Past with Tie Dye

tie dye boutique coat

Tie Dye Faux Fur Women’s Sherpa Pullover (#1) ($39.95)

Retro styles are making a comeback, and we’re here for tie dye boutique coats! Tie dye, along with jean jackets, band tees, and leather coats, is getting an update. We’re seeing pastels, browns and tans, and other neutral colors in tie dye that make it fresh for a new year. Tie dye is a hot commodity in cute winter jackets, t-shirts, and accessories. In fact, faux fur pullovers are a cozy way to sport the tie dye pattern as you relax at home.

Check out our fall and winter collection for some of these must-have jacket styles! We also have cute beanie hats and other winter accessories to complete your cold-weather vibes. Get fast shipping within the US and Canada!

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