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Spring Break Fashion Must-Haves

Posted on 03 February 2021 Michelle Hoang

woman sitting on a beach towel by the pool

Who Doesn’t Love Spring Break?

The weather’s getting warmer, class is out, and the beach is calling. Our favorite time of year feels like pure freedom. And when you’re choosing your spring break wardrobe, your clothing should feel the same way. But how do you find the perfect pieces to capture that irresistible vacay vibe? Keep reading because we break down all of the spring break must-haves that will have you ready for your next big adventure. 

1. Travel in Style

woman in a pink tie dye lounge set

Pink Tie Dye Lounge Set ($40)

First thing’s first, when you’re planning your next vacation, you’ll want to make sure you look cute every step of the way. Finding the perfect travel gear will help you feel excited from the moment your flight leaves the ground.

Athleisure Is Where It’s At

Start by finding an outfit that will keep you both comfy and trendy in those long security lines or in the backseat of your bestie’s car. When it comes to travel days, a cute loungewear set is one spring break must-have you’ll be glad you remembered to pack. Look for soft fabrics in bright colors and prints, like tie dye, that capture the vibes of the season. You’d be surprised how picking the right hues for your spring break accessories can help get you in the vacation mindset. 

Sensible, but Stylish, Footwear is a Lifesaver

Top off your cute loungewear or sweatsuit with a pair of comfy, trendy sneakers. Effortless slip-on shoes are also on our list of must-haves because they make a great alternative to sneakers when you’re packing light. Just make sure you bring some socks in case your feet get cold on the plane!

Labels to Give You Some Peace of Mind 

Finally, nothing can kill a vacation quicker than losing your luggage! Make sure to avoid any nightmare scenarios by marking your bag with cute luggage tags. A bright luggage marker will leave no doubt which bag is yours. 

2. Picking the Perfect Vacay Clothing

woman in a pink “Hello Sunshine” tee

Hello Sunshine Women’s T-Shirts ($24.95)

Packing for vacation is no well... vacation. The weather can be unpredictable, but there’s a certain formula to filling your suitcase with the best spring break must-haves. Hint: it involves layers. 

Be Prepared with Options

Our list of suitcase essentials includes at least two women’s short sleeve tee shirts, one sweater, at least one pair of leggings or pants, and a pair of walking shoes. Trust us on this one. No matter how tropical your getaway is, you’ll want at least one warm clothing item.

Pack for a Carefree Adventure

But packing your spring break accessories isn’t all business. After all, vacay clothing is all about fun. Your spring break look should be all about capturing that indescribable feeling of an endless vacation. Once you get the boring stuff out of the way, look for fun, flirty pieces that make you feel confident and carefree. 

From Breathable Fabrics to Bold Prints and Cuts

Our ultimate spring break must-haves all share some common qualities. For one thing, look for comfortable, breathable fabrics that won’t have you feeling like a sweaty mess in the sun. Next, look for colors and eye-catching designs that turn heads. We love bright whites, pinks, yellows, and greens that pop in the sunlight. Make sure to look for figure-flattering cuts, et voila, you’re ready to spring break in style! 

3. Get Ready to Hit the Beach

black Aztec embroidered tote

Black/Multicolored Aztec Embroidered Tote Bag ($68)

Spring break is all about the beach, so make sure to stock up on styles that will get you through those long, relaxing days by the shore. Start by grabbing a big beach bag that will carry everything under the sun. When shopping for your tote, look for durable materials that can weather salt and sand. Our favorite pieces feature a bright, bold style that will be hard to miss when you’re in the water. Neon colors and kitschy, fun designs are always on our list of spring break must-haves. Bonus if you can find a beach bag that doubles as a weekender bag when you’re away from the sand.

Nothing but the Essentials 

Once you’ve got your tote picked out, don’t forget to fill it up with all of your beach bag essentials. Make sure you’ve got a pair of face-flattering shades, some sunscreen, a few snacks, and of course, a breezy beach read. You’ll also need a cute beach towel to lounge on and dry off with.

Make your beach look versatile by adding a swimsuit coverup that you can wear from the sand to the local stores. Breezy warm-weather ensembles always include a bikini, and spring break accessories like a cute coverup are just the icing on the cake. When you’re not wearing it, just slip it into your tote!

4. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

woman wearing a “Here for the Snacks” trucker hat

Here for the Snacks Trucker Hat ($22.95)

Now that you’ve got your outfits together, it’s time to top off your look with accessories. We consider women’s hats an absolute must when you’re out in the sun all day. They protect your face and hair from UV rays and keep you looking cute while doing it!  

Opt for a Trendy Trucker Hat

Women’s trucker hats with funny sayings are our favorite conversation starters. You’ll be sure to make some instant new vacay friends when you throw one on for the beach. Unique bucket hats are another classic that lend an air of cool sophistication to your poolside antics. 

Feel Sand on Your Toes

Every list of warm-weather essentials is sure to include a pair of sandals! There’s no better feeling than letting your toes feel the breeze after they’ve been hiding in boots all winter. Look for a lightweight style like gladiator sandals or even a pair of classic flip-flops. 

Now that you have your spring break accessories packed and ready to go, it’s time for the real fun to start. Remember, the ultimate spring break must-have is a sense of adventure and spontaneity. Shop our Vacay Getaway collection to find the best pieces to wear on your next big adventure!

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