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How to Incorporate the Cow Print Trend Into Your Style

Posted on 07 September 2022 Michelle Hoang

Smiling woman on a sofa in brown cow print pullover

You know cow print is super trendy right now, but you don’t know how to incorporate it into your style. We get it. A little can go a long way. Read on to learn tips and tricks for incorporating women’s cow print clothes into your wardrobe!

Start Small

If you aren’t used to wearing animal print, you probably don’t want to go big. So, start by selecting one or two trendy accessories to get you used to the new look. For example, find a pair of cow print slippers to wear at home. Or, pick a cute cow print robe or blanket. You’ll likely find that as you wear them, you’ll start to want to see more and more of them in your wardrobe!

Ready to head out with a cow print? Try a unique bucket hat or a leather clutch. These smaller accessories will give you the confidence to go big! Plus, you can mix and match them with virtually any outfit, giving you plenty of ways of incorporating the cow print trend into clothes you wear every day!

Mix and Match

Woman by fence wearing brown cow print body wrap

One key tip to learning how to wear cow print is to mix things up. Don’t wear cow print entirely from head to toe. Instead, try a cute short sleeve t-shirt with a pop of trendy, cow print. Or wear a cow print pullover with a pair of jeans and cowboy boots on those chilly days.

Another great option is to choose a jacket with a cow print. Often, women’s cow print clothing consists of outerwear or accessories, so options like jackets and pullovers are easier to find. And, by combining the print with your other women’s boutique clothing, you’re highlighting your cow print without being overwhelming.

Take Your Cow Print For A Spin

One easy way to throw a little bit of the cow print trend into your style is your footwear. With options from booties to spiked heels, you can find cow print shoes in just about every style imaginable.

Pair cow print stilettos with a little black dress for a fun and stylish look. Or try cow print boots with pleather leggings. You can even get cow print tennies to wear with shorts and a t-shirt. And, you can always end the evening with a pair of cute slippers for a cozy night in!

Getting The Hang Of It? Go Big!

Once you’ve learned how to wear cow print, why not go big? Try a fitted cow print dress with red heels! Daring? Yes. Stunning? You bet! Or how about a long cow print fur coat for a night on the town? Once you’re used to animal prints, you’ll love making a statement with a bigger piece in your wardrobe.

Need More Inspiration?

There’s so much out there about our cute boutique clothing. To always be in the know, stay on top of fashion trends by visiting our blog, following us on social media, and shopping at our store. Even if you’re just virtual window shopping, you’ll always know what’s on-trend in the fashion world, whether it’s cow print women’s clothes or the next big thing!

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