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How to Build the Perfect Layered Outfits for Winter

Posted on 17 December 2021 Michelle Hoang

woman in snow leopard body wrap and red dress

Layered winter outfits keep you cozy during these chilly months, and they’re totally fashionable this season. The concept allows you to remain warm while you’re out and about, but you can also get comfortable and shed some layers once you reach your destination. Knowing how to layer tops and bottoms ensures that you look your best, whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland or sipping cider at your best friend’s house. Follow along with Katydid as we teach you how to layer stylishly for winter with our trendiest women’s boutique clothing.

Step One: Choose a Thin Inner Layer 

person in mauve be the good graphic tee

Be the Good Women’s Graphic T-Shirt ($24.95)

The first step of putting together a layered winter outfit involves choosing a breathable and thin inner layer, such as a t-shirt or lightweight long-sleeve tee. Keep in mind the importance of wearing something that will still be cute when you remove the layers on top of it. You don’t want to be caught out in something blah, so every layer needs to be thoughtful. 

Trendy graphic t-shirts feature fun phrases you can use to express yourself. Plus, they’re ultra-soft. Pair your tee with skinny jeans or leggings. Finish your look with your favorite high-top tennis shoes or a cute pair of boots. 

Step Two: Add a Cozy Sweatshirt

woman in aqua smiley face sweatshirt and trucker hat

Smiley Face Corded Sweatshirt ($49.95)

It’s easy to put together an outfit when you know how to layer tops. Try choosing a sweatshirt or sweater with a design that shows off your personality. Whether you prefer a basic, but cute, smiley face design or something with a little sass, you’ll be comfortable all day long. 

Corded sweatshirts and sherpa pullovers layer perfectly over thinner t-shirts and look amazing with wide-legged jeans, loggers, and even skirts. Don’t be afraid to branch out as you create your layered winter outfit. Cardigans and flannel shirts can also get the job done without adding too much bulk. 

Step Three: Keep Your Outerlayer Cozy

woman in tan sherpa body wrap and sunglasses

Sherpa Body Wrap/Cardigan for Women Hoodie (7 Colors) ($49.95)

With cooler weather knocking at the door, it’s the perfect time to step out in stylish outerwear. When learning how to layer stylishly for winter, you have to think about warmth as well as style. Sherpa wraps, vests, and jackets layer smoothly over t-shirts and sweatshirts or sweaters, resulting in a durable, dynamic layer. 

Pick out an outer layer in a trendy print, such as leopard, plaid, tie-dye, or camo, and pair it with a faux sherpa jacket to make a statement. 

Step Four: Accessorize

woman in long green sherpa coat and black beanie

Teddy Sherpa Jacket or Coat with Pockets ($48.95)

Top off your layered winter outfits with accessories that add warmth and style, such as trucker hats, gloves, and scarves. You can never have too many accessories, but don’t wear them all at once. Keep it simple, and choose the right accessories that fit your sense of style.

Creating cozy winter outfits is easy when you know how to layer your tops and bottoms. Find all your layering essentials at Katydid, including cute graphic tees and boutique winter coats.

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