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Stylish Winter Outfits: Must-Have Items for Winter Layering

Posted on 01 December 2023 Michelle Hoang

Stylish Winter Outfits: Must-Have Items for Winter Layering

At Katydid, we want to help you get ready for winter with our cute boutique clothing and accessories. When it comes to winter weather, specifically, we know it’s all about the layering. So, if you’re looking for those essential items for winter layering, check out this blog for a rundown of our trendy boutique clothing and accessories to create stylish winter outfits every time.

1. Base Layers

two girls wearing graphic tees

Your base layer should be a tank or tee that offers a more skin-hugging silhouette to prevent you from getting too bulky as you add more clothing. Whether you go with one of our trendy short sleeve t-shirts or choose something simple and streamlined, just make sure it’s soft, flexible, and moisture-wicking for comfortable winter layering.

2. Second Layers

pink graphic lake pullover

A soft long-sleeve or graphic pullover is typically the right choice at this stage of your winter layering. It should be slightly less fitted than your first layer, but not so big that you can’t wear a jacket over it. We love a delicate knit for semi-formal environments, but when you’re just getting dressed to hang with the kids or run a few errands, we vote for something fun and sassy, like a graphic sweatshirt!

3. Jackets & Outerwear

blue fleece winter jacket

Whether it’s super windy, lightly snowing, or raining like the sky is fallin’, outerwear is essential for winter layering. We prefer a slouchy fleece jacket when it’s dry and a waterproofed coat for when it’s wet. You might want to shop these pieces a size bigger than you normally get to make sure they fit comfortably over your other layers. If your outerwear is already described as “oversized,” it should be fine to get your actual size.

Take a look at the size chart and measure yourself with and without your preferred layers to make sure you’re getting the right fit!

4. Accessories

blue, white, and pink winter scarf

Yes, cute winter accessories are a must-have when layering! We love a brightly-colored wrap-around scarf to keep our neck warm or a winter-themed women’s trucker hat to keep the rain off.

red Christmas tree happy face slippers

If you’re not trekking through the snow in boots, throw on some cute women’s fuzzy slippers  (that work indoors and outdoors) to stay relaxed and cozy for those days spent by the fireplace or for a quick trip to the store in the cold. Choose your cute winter accessories last to ensure you’re just wearing those pieces you need to accentuate your look and stay warm without overheating. 

Putting It All Together

Now that we’ve given you some basics for your winter layering, it’s time to experiment on your own and see what works for you! Lay out some of those winter basics you already own to mix and match according to our guide and discover which pieces you may be missing.

If there’s any stylish winter outfit that you just have to have, head on over to our women’s boutique online to discover seasonal favorites that belong in your wardrobe!

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