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3 Cute & Casual Outfits To Get You Excited For Spring

Posted on 08 March 2023 Michelle Hoang

A woman wearing cute spring clothes and holding her dog

Congratulations, winter is officially behind you. Now you can forget about chilly days and early nights and start looking forward to the bright days of spring. Katydid is all about breaking out of hibernation and getting ready for some fun in the sun. We love casual outfits and cute accessories for a spring vacation. Here are three trendy looks full of super cute clothes for any spring adventure!

The Perfect Picnic Look

Nature’s bounty really comes alive during spring. Everywhere you look, colorful flowers, bright green grass, and tender young leaves are bursting forth. Our vibrant Flower Power and Strawberry Fields collections celebrate all that we love about this joyous season. After being stuck inside all winter, nothing brings us more delight than going on picnics and outdoor adventures. Now’s the time to find cute yet casual outfits that are perfect for a spring outing.

A woman wearing spring boho overalls while holding sunflowers

You’re going to want to start with a pair of boho overalls that have the added benefit of being extra comfy so you can eat as much picnic food as you like. Then, layer them with a boho cardigan and sweet flower hat as the sun starts to go down. No picnic could be complete without a cute tote bag filled to the brim with tasty treats. Now, you’ve got the perfect spring clothes and cute accessories to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Going on a Vacay Getaway Look

You can’t have spring without a break. If you’re lucky enough to be flying somewhere for a little spring getaway, you’ll want a cute and casual travel outfit. A travel look needs to be 3 things: fashionable, functional, and comfy. A colorful fanny pack that can either be worn around the waist or across the body offers hands-free convenience while you’re cruising through the airport or sight-seeing in the daytime. 

Put a smile on your flight attendant's face with a cool graphic t-shirt, and you just might get some free swag or an upgrade. You’ll also want to include some stylish luggage tags so you don’t lose any of your spring break clothes

Heading to the Beach/Pool/Lake Look

A woman wearing a cute, casual spring outfit at the pool bar

When the temperature starts rising and the sun starts shining, it’s time to head to the beach, pool, or lake to start working on that tan. Besides a killer swimsuit, you’re going to want to stock up on plenty of spring swim accessories. 

Grab a colorful women’s sarong to wrap around your bathing suit while the sun is high, and then switch to a stylish pair of boho beach pants as the temperature starts to drop. A swimsuit cover-up is a must-have beach accessory to complete your cute and casual spring outfit. Pack a lightweight towel to make more room in your beach bag for bottles of rosé. Now, you’re ready to go. 

Spring is all about getting away and going outside. At Katydid, we want you to look good while you’re out adventuring and having fun in the sun. Reward yourself for surviving another winter by stocking up on cute spring clothes and accessories. Shop our spring & summer boutique clothing today!

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